Everything we took for granted in the past― from what we expect from our jobs to whom we work with and how―is changing before our eyes. The strongest organizations today are “learning machines”, automatically improving their HR strategy through experience New challenges require new solutions―and we build our own strategy on finding those solutions together with our Clients.

We select people who are able to give effective support to your company’s development strategy, and to adapt to the its specific requirements.

Our consultants help companies through this complex process, which requires time, proven methods, in-depth industry expertise and business-specific skills. They work for our clients to identify the men and women best equipped to effectively support the company’s development strategy and adapt to the requirements of its environment. They provide an end-to-end service from assessment and selection to interview and beyond.

Our response?

We support both large companies and SMEs in the recruitment and assessment of managers and executives. For each assignment, we put in place a dedicated team of business professionals with the corporate experience to understand the issues facing our clients.

Our direct approach is based on listening attentively to our clients’ needs, maintaining strong ethics and developing in-depth knowledge of the professions and skills required. Our approach is adapted to each specific situation and we take great care to ensure that our efforts are closely aligned to our clients’ goals. Furthermore, because executive search must perfectly match the needs of the company in order to be effective, our approach is reinforced by tailored assessments of our candidates’ ability to meet the challenges inherent in their future tasks.

„to identify talent capable of bringing a fresh perspective„

Our know-how covers all corporate sectors and functions: senior management, finance, human resources, sales & marketing, communications, industrial and technical, IT, etc. By drawing on all the specialist expertise and creativity of our consultants, our clients are able to gain access to top-end talent capable of thinking differently and providing a fresh perspective; individuals who bring new vitality to the company.

We are able to support companies in their international projects thanks to the cross-border nature of the Arthur Hunt Group, and our membership of the API Network.

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