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HR Advisory

Our HR advisory practice grew constantly, from first delivering learning and development services to respond a diversity of business needs, to preparing alongside our clients, structural shifts in both business policies and procedures, and foremost, setting the right mindset for their organisation.

Change Management

In these challenging times, people from various organisations have limited access over their work status whilst the largest impact stands for the broader context and the way its structural forces and systems work in a specific organisational culture.

Therefore, biggest challenge is to create a step-by-step transformation by mobilizing people to adopt new mental models upon their initial state.

Arthur Hunt methodologies help organisations sharing common vision among people so that such forces and systems, guided by a sense of shared vision, can be shaped by the human factor.

We acknowledge the fact that in the current context organizations are developing and transform at a fast pace to adapt to the external challenges and opportunities. In most of the cases, there is no enough time nor capacity that HR function to adapt its strategy, shape, processes to keep the pace with the business.

Our approach is to assist our HR customers to develop/ rechape their fuction by providing the right mixture of services required: from expert advices, to designing strategy, from assistance to “ short term lending” of additional strateguc HR capacity. We have an excellent ability of managing projects at the client and for the client with minimum energy spent by the client.

HR Strategy

Case Studies

In uncertain times and unpredictable economic environments, a key challenge in order to develop sustainable organizations and businesses is to ensure continuity of effective leadership. Nevertheless, when an organization experiences sudden changes such as leader turnover or dismissal, business crisis, or strategic reorganization and change, the result is often a gap in leadership experience to be filled temporarily and quickly.