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Our experienced consultants deliver integrated solutions adapted to your organization  to support achieving your ambition & vision. We mobilize multi-disciplinary teams with strong professional expertise & focused technical experience. We anchor our solutions in a joint effort with our clients.

What we Offer

We help our customers to anticipate and manage the changes they need to make in order to meet the many new challenges they face when striving to increase productivity:

Designing an HR structure is complicated and often doesn’t produce the desired results.

A poorly structured HR function impacts the larger organization, as it can result in bottlenecks and delays in meeting client needs or misalignment between priority HR capabilities and HR resource allocation.

Our consultants can support companies to design a “fit-for-purpose” HR structure aimed towards the future, aligning HR structure and HR functional capabilities with organizational and line of business strategic objectives.

We offer advisory services to put in practice or improve HR metrics and processes that will help the organization move forward in an agile way, with focus on Organizational performance (e.g. Turnover percentages, % of regretted loss, Statistics on why personnel is leaving, Absence percentages and behavior, Recruitment (time to fill, number of applicants, recruitment cost), HR operations  (HR efficiency (e.g. time to resolving HR requests), and HR effectiveness (e.g. perception of HR service quality) and Process optimization (how we do what we do in Human Resource Management).

The organizations are demanding more and more energy from their leaders, managers, employees to overcome the multiples challenges from internal and external environment. This energy has to be either saved, from the daily operations, or produced by increasing their engagement, work/life satisfaction or by tactically borrowing from the market.

Whether deliberately planned or an emergent response to environmental changes, reward strategies can have profound consequences for employee satisfaction, behavior and performance. In recognizing that reward can be a powerful lever for change in organizations, managers need to think carefully about the reward choices they make and clearly set out the aims of their reward policies and practices. By being strategic in adopting reward practices which motivate employees to perform in certain ways, organizations have the potential to realize their objectives and improve organizational performance.