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The organizations are demanding more and more energy from their leaders, managers, employees to overcome the multiples challenges from internal and external environment. This energy has to be either saved, from the daily operations, or produced by increasing their engagement, work/life satisfaction or by tactically borrowing from the market.

Our approach is to identify The most pragmatical, realistic and easy to implement programs that help leaders, teams, employees to have the required energy levels, the capabilities and agility to manage the business challenges. We develop highly customized blended action learning programs that are transferred and anchored into the business. We provide integrated solution mixing different tools and methods to answer specifically to the business issue/opportunity.

When we can support

Management development

  • In early stages of middle management development
  • In environments where performance is delivered and no sense of urgency of the need to change exists
  • In highly competitive environments, where competitiveness might become a risk

Leadership potential assessment and development

  • When change is needed but not urgent enough to be disruptive towards business as usual
  • When a strategic shift is about to be initiated
  • When the market represents a key driver but also the main source of threats

Top management development

  • Both for “old” and “new” top management individuals and teams
  • When the management team is the bottleneck of needs to be the main driver for growth
  • In highly competitive markets and in highly regulated markets

Individual agility development

  • Individuals with high potential in preparation of a career step
  • Integration of newly hired individuals into a team
  • Integration of a new manager

Team agility development

  • Old team, new challenges
  • New team, old challenges
  • New team, new challenges
  • Team work in highly individualized functions (.i.e. Sales and IT)

Our Added Value

Integrated programs that are easily assimilable by the organization (assessment + competence development + HR/business process reshaping)

Innovative Leadership Assessment methodology designed to identify key talents, appraise their potential and propose programs for developing their skills.

Our methods are designed to reinforce leaders’ capacities to make long-term decisions and think and act in face of uncertainty and complexity.