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General Overview

We acknowledge the fact that the external environment has become very complex, uncertain, volatile and ambiguous and organizations and leaders are forced to adapt. With management focusing on business as usual matters, it is usually rather difficult to anticipate and avoid potential crisis scenarios. Therefore, as soon as concerns become imminent facts, it is vital to start early to assess the situation and develop a plan allowing the company to consider the options, proactively manage the stakeholders, employees and clients and coordinate the situation to the business best interests. In other cases, the restructuring is only a step in a more complex project, the company preparing for a sale, buyout, merger or substantial change in its objectives.

Our approach is to assist, advise and support the leaders and managers of the organization to manage the organizational anxiety, to accept that there is no perfect solutions but rather good enough, to move with small steps and not to fight change. We provide to our clients highly customized services mixing different services: legal & HR expert advises, project management, communication and training, all in the purpose of optimizing operational efficiency and hence ensure overall business performance improvement.

What we offer

  • We guide you to identify the impact of the change on different facets of the organization, the organizational culture and the people and identify optimisation areas;
  • We assist you in developing the restructuring plan ensuring the mitigation of legal risks;
  • We guide, advise and assist you on the legal steps and we are able to undertake for you the specific endeavors;
  • We assist you in individual / collective negotiations or even potential litigation with employees (unions, employees representatives);
  • We are engaged and sustainability-minded, by leading positive change (focusing on a social conscious outcome);
  • We advise you to build a robust Social Plan and to implement it legally compliant and by minimizing and social impact;
  • We provide specialized services and practical solutions to minimize the social impact of the employees and when case support for finding alternative employment options;
  • We provide support regarding the internal and external adequate communication for mitigating potential reputational, image damages and negative operational impact pragmatic, but details oriented approach;
  • We support in developing people and teams to better suit the organization’s ambitions (training & development, assessment, leadership & teams harmonization, cultural integration);
  • Advices, tools and methodologies required to manage the project according with the legislative framework and with the client objectives;
  • A whole range of services from different areas: HR, Legal Organizational Design & Change Management, Project Management;
  • Offer integrated services from strategies and approaches to tactics and clear actions bundled into a coherent project plan that is monitored until the project is completed.