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Arthur Hunt Talent Mapping service is a strategic tool for building a successful organization and reducing the enterprise risk associated with human capital issues. Even before a confirmed hiring need arises, key or niche positions need careful succession and recruitment planning, which is why we provide an overview of external talent pools. For Arthur Hunt, this means recognizing and liaising with external talents in order to establish a high-quality candidate pool for upcoming or future hiring need even for multiple roles.

Benefits of Talent Mapping

  • Offering a continuously available external talent pool for upcoming / future hiring needs
  • Reduced recruitment time for potential future hiring
  • Reputation and brand-building for the client (in case client name can be disclosed)
  • Providing the client with business intelligence and market information on the following:
    • whether the requested candidate profiles exist and/or are available on the market
    • how the client is perceived on the market
    • how competitive the client is regarding compensation packages
  • Assessing the market for difficult-to-fill positions (especially when the target pool is narrow and the time factor is vital) and advising on hiring alternatives
  • Allows client stakeholders to make effective hiring decisions by presenting available future talents in a specific market
  • Talent Mapping Service is an independent process and can be performed without any future recruitment steps, thus reducing client exposure to further fees in the event that the client decides to halt the process in view of the Talent Mapping results