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Our sectors

Our sectors


Whether it is to pre-empt a fall in production capacities or develop new markets, we help our customers restructure, anticipate the skills they require and prepare the necessary investment in training and geographical mobility in each local area and industrial site. We strive to enhance the employability of employees.

The aeronautical industry is also one of those demanding most from its partners. We have been supporting our clients in the sector for the last couple of years. With large supply chain difficulties and complex technological risks when it comes to managing the entire value chain over the life span of aircrafts, this industry must, however, also accelerate its search for industrial performance.


Financial services

The financial sector has continuously faced challenges and its regulatory scrutiny and market needs create an environment where human capital is the strongest asset. We help organizations to create their talent acquisition strategy, identify crucial competencies the organization needs and approach and attract those talents who can make a change and drive the company ahead.

We also assist businesses with their recruitment and assessment procedures. Boasting renowned expertise in this field, our consultants enable companies operating in the consumer goods sector to surround themselves with talented individuals combining leadership and performance who are able to devise new, competitive business models, and to take on employees with strong commercial potential capable of meeting international challenges.

Consumer goods

Healthcare & Pharma

Since few years, healthcare organisations as well as pharma, environmental services or eco-certification companies started to expand their operations and import talents from other developed and structured sectors. This positive contamination is helping the organizations to acquire new skills and be more reactive to changes. Apart from Executive Search services, which remains our stronghold, Arthur Hunt actively helps the pharmaceutical industry in  soft skills development programs for the management and the board or business reorganisation.

The IT &C market in Romania is one of the most dynamic sectors in Romania, with over 4,000 players and continued to post growth since 2015, with both companies and employees in the industry making higher revenues, further establishing the sector as one of the most important contributors to the Romanian GDP. However, even though the employee pool is well-trained, the industry development is slowed down somewhat by the shortage of a qualified labor force. The higher demand for specialists in this sector generated fierce competition on the labor market. For this reason, benefit packages are becoming more and more attractive, and somewhat exotic (modern headquarters, catering or a private chef for lunch, parties and team buildings and investment in CSR projects selected by the employees, paid vacations in exotic destinations).

For this sector Arthur Hunt Romania continues to implement Talent Management and Development programs, focused both on attracting, developing and retaining talents wihin the organisation, in times where IT professionals are more and more tempted to change the employer for the sake of a better remuneration.


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